Heavy Type Open Profile Lines

Heavy Type Open Profile Lines  -

Heavy Type Open Profile Lines

In the Open Profile Line, sheets are produced in many various forms. In high-capacity production, the manufacturing process is completed with high-quality surface precision of open or closed profiles (clamped profile - hole profile - non-hole profile) and the least possible waste and the least labor force by saving time as well as with the combination of many processes.

The most critical aspect of this technology is the process, thus the mold design. The design of rollform processing steps is developed with high experience on a pattern that is called a flower diagram, where all the bending passes are overlapped.

It has a wide range of use areas from the light steel building industry to the warehouse, hangar profiles, container profiles, shelf profiles, solar energy systems construction profiles, greenhouse construction profiles, custom cross profiles, from custom stainless steel furniture profiles to furniture rails and slides and roof (coating) panels.

According to customer needs, the rollform machine, mold design, and cassette systems are manufactured, and their spare parts needs are met.