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With its highly experienced team in the sector, PDS Makina’s automation group continuously applies the innovations of current technology and cooperates with the leading companies in the sector in terms of quality and performance. Thus, it is assertive in machine manufacturing. Our company applies the automation solutions for production lines within the scope of turn-key manufacturing and carries out the technological improvements and revisions of operating production lines on-site.



Flying saw applications of our pipe profile lines can be made with SIEMENS, ABB, EMERSON, SEW EURODRIVE control products. In practice, maximum nominal line speeds of 140 mt / min can be obtained depending on the dimensions of the produced pipe and profile. User-friendly software provides more efficient operation with fewer parameters. Thus, the qualification criteria on the operator's side can be reduced. The start of synchronization can be started from anywhere along the travel distance. The conveyor is taken to the place where it is desired to be started, a rehearsal cut is made there and it is started from there. And the first size is cut to full length without wastage. Thus, there is no wastage that had to be cut initially in the first lengths. The operator only enters the parameters related to the cutting and writes the desired size. Apart from that, there is no other required account. In this way, most of the settings that were experimentally made before are made directly.


Closed circuit speed cycles are used in the automation of slitting machines. The material cannot be referenced for pit speed loop synchronization. There is no encoder rotating on the material or a sensor facing the material. In this way, the loop pit speed loop becomes independent from external factors. It does not give place to error. Depending on the thickness, a line speed of 400 mt / min can be reached.